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hw#1(2-1 0305): make a summary for Ch.1 (no page limit)

hw#2(2-1 0305; due by April 2): simulate the Huygens' principle shown in Fig. 2-2.

hw#3(3-2 0314): Solve problems 4-13, 4-14, and 4-15 on p. 112.

hw#4(6-2 0404): Fing out D1 when a variable phase shifter (0~pi) is added to the blue path in Mach-Zehnder interferometer (see the lecture note on Supp BS).

hw#5(6-2 0404): 1. Derive transmitted intensity for equation (7-49) and simulate it for the phase shift varying from 0 to 4pi.

hw#6(make-up 0512) Calculate Fourier series for Fig. 9-2. Compare the  1 term of harmonics with the sum of three terms, ten terms, and 100 terms. (Hint: Fig. 9-3)

hw#7(make-up 0512) Plot the diffraction intensity I of an aperture up to the 5th minimum.

hw#8(13, 0523): Solve prob. 13-15 and 13-19.

hw#9(14, 0530): Prove Eq. (14-15). Submission deadline is by June 7 at 12 noon.

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