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Homework EC4214

  • hw#1 (Sep. 11, 2017): Simulate Young's double slit experimental results of interference. ref:

  • hw#2 (Sep. 20, 2017): Find out Jones matrix for a 45 degree linear polarizer.

  • hw#3 (Sep. 20, 2017): Find out Jones matrix for a half-wave plate in (i) SA vertical and (ii) SA horizontal.

  • hw#4 (Sep. 25, 2017): Make a report for quasi phase matching (periodic poling) such as PPNL and PPKDP.

  • hw#5 (Oct. 11, 2017): Plot the Fourier transformed solution for both imaginary and real parts, where the solution is for a damped harmonic oscillation given on Oct. 11: f(w)=1/(-w^2+igw+w0^2); w is frequency, w0 is a resonance frequency, and g is a damping factor. Use an appropriate values for the plot.

  • hw#6 (Oct. 16, 2017): Plot the transmission spectrum of the Fabry-Perot interferometer for R=0.2 and 0.8.

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