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Dear All,
I found the GIST portal system has some problems in the on-site email service. I wonder if you've got my previous messages regarding the midterm exam. 

1. For the midterm exam, you need to access the class website at and click 'exam sheet.' The exam sheet will be opened between 2:25pm and 2:30pm tomorrow. The official test time is for 2:30pm~3:50pm.
2. So far, three students are registered for the offline test at B-203. The offline test also starts at 2:30pm in the same way. Keep the social distance at least 2m. I will come by anyway after 2:30pm.
3. Once you finished your test, you take a picture of your answer sheet one by one and email them to me ASAP at, but before 3:55pm. After 3:55pm, it will not be received.
4. Your answer sheets must be returned to my office at Dasan 205 within 10 min after emailing your pictures, but before 4:05pm. Both picture and answer sheet must be identical.
5. Do not forget to print your name and student ID on your each answer sheet.
6. For your answer sheet please provide it by yourself with A4 papers. 

7. Any cheating or plagiarism will result F. No excuse at all.

Hope you have a good luck.
Prof. Ham

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