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1. Full score of hw#1 has been given to all students submitted due to the problem set mismatch.

2. Additional hw#3: two more problems in the lecture note 4-2 are added. 

3. The midterm exam will be given on April 29, 2020. Details will be announced soon.

    --> Midterm exam will be an open book test, but under the web-camera turned on.

          If you do not provide the video-on environment, let me know as early as possible.

4. Final exam: covered for Chs. 4, 5, and 6.1~6.3.

    There are total 4 problems, 1 for Ch. 4, 2 for Ch. 5, and 1 for Ch.6.

Final notice:

   If you have any problem with your final exam score, please see me by this Friday evening at 6pm.

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