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  • notice 1 for ec2205 (0828)

EC2205 (공학전자기학II)

Meet on Zoom at 1 pm on every Mon/Wed.

Zoom meeting:

ID: 671 011 646

PW: 001792

Lecture Homepage: --> Teaching -->pw:123456 -->EC2205 (will be open soon, pw: 1234)

  • notice 2 (0901)

Q1. Where to purchase the textbook?​

A1. 퍼스트북:; 02-3141-3953 (10% discount of Koybo price)

Q2. Grading method?

A2. Mid/Final exam: 35% each, Homework:10%, Quiz:10%; Attendance:10%

Q3. Teaching assistant info?

A3. 김민재,, 062-715-2293, EECS A-410

Q4. How to submit homeowrks?

A4. Electronic upload to Gel (GIST e-learning system) at

Q5. When is the homework upload due date?

A5. One week after the homework assignment before the class

Q6. How about the office hour?

A6. Every Monday at 3pm for an hour in Dasan 205 or ask an appointment by an email to the Professor at

  • notice 3 (0907)

Q1. Whom do I ask about attendance, homework, and quiz?​

A1. Ask the teaching assistant.

  • notice 6 (1019)

Midterm exam will be offline: 2020.10.26(Mon) at 1pm in 대학 A-112 unless there is no further notice.

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