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  • notice 1 (0828)

EC4302 기초전기전자컴퓨터 특론II (양자역학의 이해)


Meet on Zoom at 4 pm on every Mon/Wed.

Zoom meeting:

ID: 671 011 646

PW: 001792

Lecture Homepage: --> Teaching -->pw:123456 -->EC4302 (will be open soon, pw: 12345)


Special note:

According to the university regulation about recent corona outbreaks, the course ec4302 will be given online only, until a further notice is given. We may discuss the experimental parts of 4.5 weeks in the first class meeting.

  • notice 2 (0902)

Read Phys. Today. ​16, 8 (1993): Multiparticle Interferometry and the Superposition Principle.

Read Chs.5~8.

  • notice 3 (0907)

This Wed class has been moved to Sat.(0912) at 4 pm.

We discuss about bases in Hilbert space and quantum superposition: ex. three coins having head and tail bases each.

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