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Syllabus for EC5103 (3 Hrs; Elective)

Title: Optics and Lasers 광학과 레이저

Course Outline: Introduction to modern optics in an intermediate level for geometrical optics, wave equation, interference, coherence, diffractions, light propagation, and fiber optics. 

Prerequisite: general physics, calculus

Textbook: Pedrotti & Pedrotti, Introduction to Optics, 3rd ed.
References: Optics by E. Hecht

Weekly Course Schedule

1st: Historical review and background (ch1)

2nd: Geometrical optics (ch2)

3rd: Wave equations (ch4)

4th: Superposition of waves (ch5)

5th: Properties of lasers (ch6)

6th: Interference of light (ch7)

7th: Optical interferometry (ch8)

8th: Midterm Exam

9th: Coherence (ch9)

10th: Fraunhofer diffraction (ch11)

11th: continued

12th: Diffraction grating (ch12)

13th: Fresnel diffraction (ch13)

14th: continued

15th: Matrix treatment of polarization (ch14)

16th: Final Exam

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